Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Early Portrait of Gita

Artist Unknown

"From one sweetheart to another, Gita"

An early portrait of Gita. Apparently given as a gift to her first husband, George Zoul.

Inside was tucked a registered personal letter postmarked July 28, 1938, also to Mr. George Zoul. c/o Bachelor's Club in Jackson Heights, Long Island.

"I suppose by now you are completely sterile (May I be the first to offer my congratulations and sincere wishes for your success in matters sexual!)"

She writes that she is saddened their relationship was severed in "so abrupt a fashion." Must try to figure out her timeline with her marriage to George and his service in the Lincoln Brigade.

She also writes that "I will always be your friend, whether you want me or no, and I shall always be more than a little interested to know how your extravagantly emotional nature will expend itself. Think of me without rancor and I will be satisfied."

We need a journalist, perhaps to help with public records.


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